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New Blog Post | New Secured-core servers are available from the Microsoft ecosystem



New Secured-core servers are now available from the Microsoft ecosystem to help secure your infrastr...

In the current pandemic-driven remote work environments, security has become increasingly important. Earlier this year, Colonial Pipeline, one of the leading suppliers of fuel on the East Coast of the United States, was hit by a ransomware attack.1 This caused a massive disruption of the fuel supply chain and a surge in gasoline prices. In another unrelated incident, Chinese start-up Socialarks suffered a massive data breach,2 which exposed personally identifiable information (PII) of over 214 million users of some of the most popular worldwide social networks. These data breaches are extremely expensive, with the average cost of a data breach estimated at USD4.2 million dollars for every breach in 2021.3 There has also been a surge in the number of ransomware attacks, with a ransomware attack expected every 11 seconds and the total costs of damages due to these attacks is estimated to be about USD20 billion dollars in 2021.4

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