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New Blog Post | Must Learn KQL Updates – July 22, 2022

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Must Learn KQL Updates – July 22, 2022 - Azure Cloud & AI Domain Blog (


Here’s what’s updated this past week…

Series Updates

  1. Due to some DNS issues all links in all chapters were updated. (See the TOC for links to all chapters).
  2. There were also some minor changes in the content and images. Again, thanks to using DevOps for publishing, these changes were suggested through the Issues option on GitHub.



Due to the types of changes, this required updating of the various electronic and physical copies of the series.

  1. The free, downloadable (PDF) eBook is now at version 4.0:
  2. The Kindle version ( has been updated and automatically deployed to those that purchased it.
  3. Both the Paperback ( and Hardcover ( versions have been updated. Only new purchases will get the updated version. However, the changes were really about links, which can’t be accessed by physical copies anyway.
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