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New Blog Post | MSFT and SmartHR collab. on digital transform. - going from startup to 50k customers



Microsoft and SmartHR collaborate on digital transformation—going from startup to 50,000 customers -...


We’ve seen the rush to remote work during 2020 – 2021 gave way to 2022’s new hybrid workplace, where workers divide their time between offsite and on-premises work. Employees today have higher expectations for access—anywhere, anytime, on any device—while IT must keep pace by enforcing Zero Trust security across an expanding, decentralized enterprise. Whether onsite or remote, the one department all employees need to access regularly is Human Resources (HR). Paychecks, health insurance, taxes, retirement accounts… All of it links through HR.  


SmartHR is a Japan-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that addresses the need for secure access through our cloud-based HR software for small and large businesses. Launched in 2013, we’ve already grown to become the largest Japanese HR SaaS startup, serving 50,000 customers across sectors ranging from high-tech to retail. SmartHR’s software empowers our customers to accelerate digital transformation of manual HR processes, including new-hire forms, employment contracts, payroll, year-end tax adjustments, and other crucial documents.  

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