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New Blog Post | Microsoft Sentinel this Week - Issue #78



Microsoft Sentinel this Week – Issue #78 - Azure Cloud & AI Domain Blog (


Hi everyone,
My name is Andrea Fisher. I’m a security specialist at Microsoft and Mr. Trent has kindly allowed me to pinch hit for him this week. Thanks for letting me join this fellowship of cybersecurity fans. I hope Rod is off enjoying his vacation right now but I’m willing to bet he’s still keeping up on his emails and checking in on me as you read this.
We recently dropped off my nephew at college (hi Carter!) and since he has always been my go-to person to watch sci-fi and fantasy shows with, I’m a little bereft. I have no one to talk to about House of the Dragon, The Sandman or The Rings of Power. Is anyone out there watching?
Don’t worry, Rod will be back soon but I hope you enjoyed my version of the newsletter this week!
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YAMS - Yet another Microsoft Survey
Microsoft Threat Experts for Cloud is a proactive threat hunting pilot program that hunts for threats in the cloud infrastructure (IaaS and PaaS) of participating customers. It covers Azure and AWS and will expand to Google Cloud Platform soon.
Threat hunters will look for signs of active threats that have evaded controls and detections in data. We use signals from across all cloud services, bring unique Microsoft/MSTIC internal TI knowledge, and identify early stages of attacks based on wide optics into industry segments, nation state attack patterns, and threat actor tracking. We’d love your feedback if this is something that interests you.
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