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New Blog Post | Microsoft Sentinel this Week – Issue #70

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Microsoft Sentinel this Week – Issue #70 - Azure Cloud & AI Domain Blog (


This week, we have a couple YAMS (yet another Microsoft survey) for your participation enjoyment.
1. Threat Intelligence Content and Consumption Survey
The purpose of this form is to gather feedback on the types of threat intelligence reporting that our community is most interested in receiving in terms of both content and format. The questions are geared towards organizations that have individuals formally in threat intelligence analyst roles. 
Participate in the survey here:
2. Help Us Prioritize OT and ICS Connectors for Microsoft Sentinel
With attacks targeting Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) environments increasing exponentially, we are focusing on developing connectors to bring their security data into Microsoft Sentinel. Our goal is to help you enhance your security monitoring, detection, and proactive threat hunting capabilities. 
In this survey we have a list of vendors, and some of their products, for which we are considering building connectors for Microsoft Sentinel. Your response to this survey will help us gauge which connectors would be the most useful for our customers, and thus help us prioritize our work.
Participate in the survey here:
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