New Blog Post | Microsoft Sentinel this Week - Issue #53

Hi, all! I hope you had a great week and this issue of the Microsoft Sentinel weekly newsletter is hitting your inboxes on a positive note. But, if not, let’s hope the newsletter is what makes your week better heading into the weekend.
I have a couple things to highlight this week before leaving you to the true value of the content.
First off, I hope you had the chance to hear or read about the updated version of the Azure Security Benchmark Workbook. Now at version 3, this workbook pulls data from over 25 Microsoft Security products to provide a central mechanism with which to view and review the strength (and weaknesses) of your organization’s security posture. And not just a sideline reporting mechanism, it provides actionable links to things like direct hardening and remediation steps in Microsoft Defender for Cloud and investigation workflows in Microsoft Sentinel.
Read the v3 announcement: Azure Security Benchmark v3 Workbook
It’s YAMS time! (Yet Another Microsoft Survey)

Playbook Integrations Requests
In this survey we invite you to tell us which external products or services you would like to automate your incident handling using playbooks, but currently lacking a native integration for. We may be able to deliver Logic Apps connectors and playbook templates for these products and for the use cases you requested.
The survey is short and sweet, but the results from your participation are huge. If you have the time, we’d be more than grateful if you used it to help drive Microsoft Sentinel automation enhancements.
Participate here:
That’s it from me this week. I hope you have a wonderful day, weekend, and week ahead.
Talk soon.
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