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Happy Friday all!
I hope the week was good for you.
I spent the first part of the week in Redmond doing some customer stuff. It was a whirlwind trip. Landed on Sunday, worked on Monday, then traveled back to the home office on Tuesday. And it clearly wasn’t enough time to settle into the time change, so I’ve been trying to recoup my energy for the remainder of the week.
The folks managing the Defender for DevOps features are asking for your help.
Pull Request Annotations in Defender for DevOps
Defender for DevOps exposes security findings as annotations in Pull Requests (PR). Security operators can enable PR annotations in Microsoft Defender for Cloud. Any exposed issues can then be remedied by developers. This process can prevent and fix potential security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations before they enter the production stage. Defender for DevOps annotates the vulnerabilities within the differences in the file rather than all the vulnerabilities detected across the entire file. Developers are able to see annotations in their source code management systems and Security operators can see any unresolved findings in Microsoft Defender for Cloud.
This week, here’s something special.
Microsoft Security Operations Analyst Blueprint Survey
Want to help drive the updates to the SC-200 exam?
 Your feedback will be used to determine which skills and abilities may be assessed in the Microsoft Security Operations Analyst certification exam. 
Please complete and submit your responses by December 14, 2022.
I have one more trip, and one more major thing to do before taking off for the remainder of the year for the holidays. The last couple weeks after Thanksgiving have been busier than I remember in years past, so I’m truly looking forward to the time off.
Talk soon.
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