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New Blog Post | Microsoft Defender Weekly Wrap – Issue #50

Happy Friday all!
This newsletter is 50!
I just want to make it a quick point to thank you all for tuning in and continuing to tune in. This newsletter - and this community - continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Who knew 50 weeks ago that a simple idea like this could swell into something so far reaching and valuable to many of you. I receive commentary frequently from folks that count on this newsletter weekly and participate heavily in the associated LinkedIn group.
Your community patronage is amazing and always appreciated. Remember, if you see something you like in the newsletter content don’t keep it to yourself. Share it with someone that needs it. That’s how we continue to grow.
GitLab Survey - Defender for DevOps GitLab Integration
The Defender for DevOps team is looking to broaden the Microsoft Defender for Cloud ecosystem by offering customers the ability to onboard their GitLab resources into Defender for DevOps. If your DevOps team uses GitLab in any capacity, we request your feedback to better understand how you interact with the GitLab platform.
The Must Learn KQL Christmas edition has been relaunched for the holidays! 
Know someone (or yourself) that lives KQL? Could be better than a Christmas Hallmark movie.
All proceeds go to St. Jude.
Even with the purposeful effort to consolidate security portals I think you’ll agree with me that Microsoft still has portal glut. I found the Microsoft Cloud command line this past week and thought I’d share with all of you. If you’ve not seen this already, you’ll thank me for the link:
That’s it from me for this week. Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead!
Talk soon.
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