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New Blog Post | Microsoft Defender Weekly Wrap - Issue #37

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Microsoft Defender Weekly Wrap – Issue #37 - Azure Cloud & AI Domain Blog (

TechMentor is geared toward the IT Professional and will be held at the on-campus Microsoft conference center. Rod Trent will be bringing his own flavor of technical entertainment in a couple sessions:


There’s a new Defender product landing page you should bookmark.

The Microsoft Defender brand landing page:
We have a survey for you this week. I hope you can participate to help make our offerings better and more aligned with your needs.
Internet-exposed workloads in AWS
Microsoft Defender for Cloud starts providing contextual security capabilities to help organizations better assess the risks their environments are exposed to while taking into account the structure of their cloud environment and its unique circumstances (like internet exposure, permissions, connection between resources, and more) that strongly affect risk level.
In this survey, we would like to understand which workloads you expose to the internet/to external users or services, and how are you doing it today in your AWS environment.
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