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Happy Friday everyone!
It’s that time of year for me when I have been remiss in taking actual vacation days for a while. So, to show my appreciation for all the benefits my company provides, I’ll be taking some time off here over the next few weeks. I’ve planned some Friday/Monday combinations and then a few days strung together in July. I am looking forward to the time off, but also know that actually taking full advantage of the time is difficult for me. Like my Dad before me, I’m just an antsy person that can’t sit still for very long. I always have to be doing something.
So that said, if you don’t see me as evident as usual in the communities in the near future, I’m probably somewhere struggling to do nothing.
But you know – I love my job. And I’m truly fortunate and blessed with what I do and where I work in that it affords the opportunity to be with family more and enjoy things beyond work without having to set aside specific days and hours to do it.
I also realize that many don’t share my professional fortune. If you are one of those, I challenge you to do something different.
Our weekly Microsoft Security Insights show will be on Microsoft Reactor again this next week and this next one will be fantastic.
You know him as @reprise_99 on Twitter and the creator and purveyor of the #365DaysofKQL series. Now you can get to know him (Matt Zorich) even better when he joins the Microsoft Security Insights show on Microsoft Reactor on June 22, 2022.
Visit the following link to monitor the show:
As this newsletter hits your inbox today I’m taking one of those first Friday/Monday combos. If you see me engaged somewhere today - shhhhhh - don’t tell anyone. And not to worry, the newsletter will continue to deliver in my absence.
Talk soon.
P.S. Father’s Day is just ahead on Sunday, June 19th. Happy Father’s Day to all!


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