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Good Friday everyone! I trust you had a great week, but like me, are absolutely ready for the weekend.
This weekend will be busy for me, though. My first and only (so far) grandson turned 1 year old on Wednesday this past week. We’re taking him on his first zoo trip on Saturday, and then there’s a planned 1st birthday event on Sunday afternoon. So, yes, I’ll be busy, but it will all be pure enjoyment.
I’ve spent the last few days digging out from being away last week speaking at a conference. It seems that it does not matter how attentive you are to normal work life while away at a conference, there’s still plenty to do catch up on when you return. So, most of my week was a frantic mess. But after a lot of hard work, I do finally feel like I’m back into a good place.
I’ll be away again attending RSA in San Francisco during the first week of June, so I’ll be doing this all over again in just a little while. If you’re also attending RSA this year, please hit me up and let me know. I’d love to connect with you while I’m there.
Also, we’re planning to have a big presence at RSAC this year. Microsoft will be on-hand for a pre-day security event - and you can attend! Check out the following link if you’ll be coming to RSA and want to participate on Sunday.
Register to join:
The agenda:
  • 2:00 PM – 3:25 PM - Keynote “What’s next in Security”
  • 3:25 PM – 4:10 PM - Innovation Break
  • 4:10 PM – 5:55 PM - Breakout session and immersive experiences: on topics including Zero Trust, Multi-cloud Security, Identity and Threat Intelligence/ Hands-on Microsoft Immersion Experience: Secure Hybrid Cloud. 
  • 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM - Evening Reception
This week I have a couple new surveys to highlight.
The first: Identifying Business-Critical Cloud Data Resources
Today, Microsoft Defender for Cloud includes the ability to discover and protect cloud data resources for both structured and unstructured data types using Defender for Storage and Defender for Databases.
Our goal is to identify the business-critical data resources, including the organization’s valuable data, to help security administrators focus on first protecting what has a more significant business impact.
We would appreciate your time and input on this short survey to ensure our product will align with your needs.
Survey link:
Defender 365 to Sentinel Data Columns
I’ve seen and heard from our customers over the past many months looking for specific data columns that exist in 365 Defender but do not in the Sentinel tables. With all new tables now being available ( you or your customers may find even more data columns they believe are missing.
I have a call coming up to discuss this. If you’d like to have those missing data columns reviewed, fill out the form below.
Survey link:
Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead everyone!
Talk soon.
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