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Microsoft Defender Weekly Wrap - Issue #19 | Revue (

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to the 19th issue of this newsletter designed for the ever-growing Defender community.
I’ve heard from many of you who have daily workloads that are immense, making your opportunities for learning just an extra task. So, long blog posts, Microsoft Learn modules, and webinars just don’t fit into your schedule.
So, I’ve been mulling over how best to approach that for a while. Everyone needs the opportunity to learn and grow. So, for that reason this week I’ve launched a new series of video shorts called Rodcasts.
The name may sound silly, but there was actually quite a discussion about it when I originally wanted to call the series “Snuggies.” Snuggies was intended to be a word combination of Security Nuggets. But, as naive (apparently) as I am, I quickly found that the word snuggies has been taken over by some other definition in various parts of the globe. So, that was out.
Then, I finally figured that I couldn’t go wrong just using my own name as part of it and using a play on words. So, Rodcasts was born.
Rodcasts - or Security Rodcasts - are bite-sized nuggets of security information. The videos are around a minute or less long and focus on one very specific tip, trick, or new security feature. My intent is to deliver at least two of these a week.
Each episode will premiere on YouTube,  but will also be available on TikTok and Instagram.
Check out the Security RodCasts Playlist on YouTube when you get a chance. There’s already a couple available. Happy to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and comments.
Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead!
Talk soon.


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