New Blog Post | Microsoft Continues to Enhance DLP Customer Value with New Capabilities



Microsoft Unified DLP update September 2021

Microsoft’s unified Data Loss Prevention solution provides a simple and unified approach to protecting sensitive information from risky or inappropriate sharing, transfer, or use.


In the past few months, Microsoft has introduced a wide range of new capabilities in General Availability and Public Preview that are designed to provide new ways of protecting data across a wider breadth of use cases and workloads and provide greater visibility into how sensitive content is used, stored and shared. These include:

  • Customizable DLP policy violation justifications
  • Protect sensitive data when it is shared across Bluetooth
  • Protect sensitive data when it is shared across Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) sessions
  • Automatically quarantine sensitive files when they’re accessed by an unallowed app
  • Displaying of cloud DLP policy events from Exchange, SharePoint-OneDrive, and Teams in Activity explorer
  • Displaying of sensitivity label activity from Office native (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) in Activity explorer
  • Displaying of sensitive information, sensitivity label, and retention label detection events for files and documents from OneDrive in Activity Explorer


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