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Microsoft Compliance Manager: extensibility beyond Microsoft 365 and additional capabilities - Micro...

With increasing global, regional, and industrial regulations, organizations need more help than ever to make sure they are compliant with all relevant standards. Research shows there are over 250 daily updates to global regulations[1] and 1 in 4 organizations do not know which data regulations apply to them[2]. More than 90% of Microsoft’s enterprise customers have a multi-cloud strategy[3] and they are struggling to keep up with the constantly changing regulatory landscape[4], especially with data stored across a hybrid environment.


To help customers simplify their compliance efforts and reduce risks, we introduced Microsoft Compliance Manager. We are keeping customers’ multi-cloud strategy front and center in our innovations in Compliance Manager and are excited to share all the work we have been doing the last few months to enable customers to assess compliance for their non-Microsoft 365 workloads.

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