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How one senior developer brings the startup spirit to Microsoft - Microsoft Security Blog

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Microsoft Africa Development Center, in my role as executive sponsor, for dedication ceremonies we hosted in both Nigeria and Kenya. All I have to say is, “Wow!” The energy at the ADC is simply electric. There’s so much optimism and so much enthusiasm for our plans to continue hiring engineers in ADC-West (Lagos) and ADC-East (Nairobi).

Spending time at the ADC reminded me of my early days at Microsoft when we were a much smaller company with a much shorter history, and I was working on a brand-new team. There’s something incredibly special about being there at the beginning, which software engineer George Maina understands first-hand. Even though he’s only been at Microsoft a couple of years, George was one of the first ADC employees, making him one of our most seasoned veterans and a leader to others who work on the Identity and Network Access team in Kenya.


No stranger to being a pioneer, George has a long and successful track record as an entrepreneur working on groundbreaking technologies for the Kenyan market. That startup spirit has served him and the ADC well—his team’s success made investing more in the ADC an easy decision. I’m so excited to see how much the center will grow over the coming months and years.


George’s interview with Igor Sakhnov has been edited for clarity and length. We’ve included some video snippets so you can learn more about his entrepreneurial history and his future aspirations for the Microsoft ADC.

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