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Further Streamlining the eDiscovery Review Process - Microsoft Tech Community

Given the explosion and variety of data being generated in an organization today, relying on traditional search methods to find relevant data is not only inefficient but may also result in some data not being discovered. Unfortunately, getting started with traditional solutions and processes can be challenging: organizations have to export large volumes of data, analyze this data in a separate system, then train or find subject matter experts to use the complex analytics tools. This process increases time, cost, complexity, and risk.

In March we announced several new capabilities to help legal teams find responsive content more efficiently with Advanced eDiscovery, including:


  • Discovery of Microsoft Information Protection-encrypted content such as cloud attachments. 
  • New iterative collections experience.  
  • Enhanced support for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages. 
  • New predictive coding capabilities.


Today we are excited to announce the public preview of several additional capabilities in our Advanced eDiscovery solution that will help legal teams efficiently streamline their eDiscovery review process by leveraging the power of machine learning to help identify, cull and reduce data without moving data outside the Microsoft 365 security and compliance boundary.

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