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New Blog Post | Discover, protect, and govern AI usage with Microsoft Security


Generative AI (GenAI) is being adopted at an unprecedented rate as organizations actively engage with or experiment with GenAI in various capacities. Excitement and anxiety coexist as businesses embrace this transformative technology—as the technological advancements enabling innovations and business opportunities also introduce additional security and governance risks. Recent research indicates that 93 percent of businesses are either implementing or developing an AI strategy1. Meanwhile, leaders are feeling the generative AI-nxiety2 with GenAI adoptions. Moreover, a recent survey highlights the primary concerns among leaders over adopting AI, including:

  • Potential leakage of sensitive data
  • Generation of harmful or biased outputs
  • Lack of understanding regarding upcoming regulations and strategies to address them

Consequently, 48 percent of security leaders surveyed anticipate continuing to prohibit AI use in the workplace3. However, such restrictions hamper innovation and employee productivity and could result in missed opportunities to leverage the benefits of AI.


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