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New Blog Post Discover Document Version Insights and More with Microsoft Advanced eDiscovery




Discover document version insights and more with Microsoft Advanced eDiscovery

Strong data and document discovery is key for organizations in responding to both internal and external inquiries. Investigative and security teams need to be able to search for sensitive documents across the organization. Compliance teams must be able to make sure that customer and employee data is being handled properly to meet regulatory requirements. Legal teams need a way to search through large data sets to find and sort content that is relevant in order to respond to legal requests and inquiries.


Using traditional methods of searching for data, like using on-prem workflows for modern cloud environments, can prove increasingly challenging for organizations, especially as technology continues to evolve and expand. Digital communications and collaboration have exploded in the last two years, resulting in more and more data for teams to sort and prioritize. This means that past approaches of “export all my data for analysis” can be incredibly time-consuming and costly for organizations dealing with growing data sets. 

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