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Discover 5 lessons Microsoft has learned about compliance management - Microsoft Security Blog


Compliance management is a complex process—one that gets increasingly more complicated the larger an organization grows. Microsoft knows this firsthand, not only because of our experience providing Security and Compliance solutions to customers but also because of the global reach and responsibility for maintaining compliance with a hefty number of regional and industry-specific regulations. Another thing Microsoft has learned along this journey is that the route is significantly smoother with an inclusive mindset and digital tools to ease the way.


In the new world of hybrid work, regulatory compliance has become a board-level directive. Local and global regulations dictate how to manage, store, and transmit data, making compliance more critical than ever before. However, to adhere to these regulatory standards, risks need to be identified and mitigated, and data needs to be governed according to policy. Embarking on this journey will provide additional valuable outcomes, like:


  • Providing you with fast access to requested data in the event of an external or internal investigation or legal action.
  • Protecting company data as the workplace evolves is especially important given the growing use of personal devices for work and the increase in employees accessing company networks from outside the physical office for some or most of their week.
  • Acting as good stewards—Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) feel a sense of duty to protect their employees, partners, and customers to the best of their ability.
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