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Deploy Microsoft Defender for Cloud via Terraform - Microsoft Tech Community


Terraform is an Infrastructure as a Code tool created by Hashicorp. It’s used to manage your infrastructure in Azure, as well as other clouds. In this article, we’ll be showing you how to deploy Microsoft Defender for Cloud (MDC) using Terraform from scratch. This way if you use Terraform, it’s recommended that you stick entirely with Terraform and don’t use any other management methods such as the Azure Portal.


As part of using Terraform to manage MDC, you will need to setup the Terraform configuration in a workspace including the Azure Resource Manager (RM) provider which configures your Azure resources. In this workspace, you’ll have the following files:

  • The declarative configuration of the state of your MDC deployment. This is where all the updates for your Azure resources are performed, including the deployment of MDC.
  • Contains different values per environment e.g., development vs production environment.
  • Declares information that you only determine after deployment
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