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New Blog Post | Creating your first Microsoft Sentinel Notebook



Creating your first Microsoft Sentinel Notebook - Microsoft Tech Community

Jupyter Notebooks are a fantastic resource for security analysts, providing a range of powerful and flexible capabilities. Microsoft Sentinel’s integration with Notebooks can provide a quick and straightforward way for security analysts to use Notebooks, however for those new to Notebooks and coding they can be a little daunting. 

In this blog we will cover some of the basics of creating your first Microsoft Sentinel Notebook using Python, including how to troubleshoot some common issues you may come across.  

  • Installing and importing packages in Python 
  • Installing and importing MSTICPy 
  • Setting up MSTICPy’s config file 
  • Getting data from Microsoft Sentinel 
  • Working with data 
  • Enriching results with external data sources 
  • Visualizations with MSTICPy 
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