New Blog Post | Becoming resilient by understanding cybersecurity risks: Part 4



Becoming resilient by understanding cybersecurity risks: Part 4—navigating current threats - Microso...

In part three of this blog series on aligning security with business objectives and risk, we explored what it takes for security leaders to shift from looking at their mission as purely defending against technical attacks, to one that focuses on protecting valuable business assets, data, and applications.

As businesses begin reimagining their future in a post-pandemic world, most are pivoting to a digital-first approach to take full advantage of technological innovation (much of which was adopted in haste). The pandemic has accelerated three existing trends and the tension between them: how to remain relevant against a backdrop of consumer and market demands, how to react and respond to evolving cyber threats, and how to do this reliably while reducing complexity and cost. Becoming a resilient organization requires collaboration between business and security leaders and a lifecycle approach to continuous improvement.

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