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Why do we need such a guide? Large enterprises need to deploy ASC top down, which requires planning to meet their specific org needs and the use of various automation tools for deployment. Currently, information about deploying ASC at scale is scattered across our documentation, blog posts, the GitHub repo and the connection between steps is sometimes not clear. As a result, customers often need the help of CSAs or PMs to perform these onboarding steps. This does not scale and we could potentially increase the use of ASC in large organizations by giving customers the tools to help themselves. What’s our objective? The enterprise onboarding guide is designed to assist organizations step-by-step in properly deploying and configuring ASC in a large enterprise setup. The goal of this document is to enable our customers to automate as much of their ASC deployment as possible. Since customers have different preferences when it comes to automation, we want to list all available automation options for each step in the document. We also want to identify if there are things that cannot be automated yet. In a second step, this guide could then be used as the basis for an interactive onboarding experience in Security Center itself, guiding customers through the different steps in an easy way and triggering the necessary automation in the background. Read and experience it here

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