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New Blog | Five new capabilities for Microsoft Priva—now in Public Preview


By PaulBrightmore


As privacy professionals gather for the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Summit in Washington, D.C. on April 2-5th, we’re rolling out an expansion of the Microsoft Priva portfolio of products into Public Preview! Establishing transparent and ethical data practices to build and maintain customer trust has never been more important for organizations. Robust privacy solutions help organizations fortify their defenses, meet their existing and evolving regulatory obligations, and maintain compliance. Beyond that, organizations can also gain deeper insights into customer preferences, behaviors, and trends—all of which help to deepen customer relationships and foster trust. In our Priva announcement blog, we share an overview of the Priva product features entering Public Preview and share details on some of the Microsoft sessions, activities, and events happening at the IAPP Summit. And now in this blog, we delve deeper into each of the new Priva products and share information about how they work, their key features, and what challenges they help solve for customers. Let’s take a closer look. 


Priva Privacy Assessments

Organizations have their reasons for keeping data across their estate. But those reasons can change and drift over time, causing privacy and compliance risk. Also, assessing personal data use is often manual and time-consuming. And assessments can rapidly become outdated, increasing risk. Moreover, they may lose relevance when privacy impact assessments happen retrospectively.  


Microsoft Priva Privacy Assessments (in Public Preview) automates the discovery, documentation, and evaluation of personal data use across your entire digital estate. The solution is easy to customize and add your own privacy rules. The rules automatically identify changes in data processing and maintain an accurate account to build a complete compliance record for the responsible use of personal data. Privacy professionals use Priva Privacy Assessments to accomplish tasks like: 

  • Creating custom assessments 
  • Monitoring for changes in data processing  
  • Triggering assessments when a change in data processing is detected 
  • Evaluating privacy risks 

Get started with privacy assessments by reading more about them here.   


Priva Privacy Risk Management 

By giving organizations the capability to set up policies that identify and remediate privacy risks, Microsoft Priva Privacy Risk Management helps detect overexposed personal data so users can secure it. It also spots and limits transfers of personal data across departments or regions, and helps users reduce the amount of personal data stored.


Priva Privacy Risk Management helps: 

  • Identify personal data and privacy risks  
  • Automate risk mitigation and prevent privacy incidents  
  • Empower employees to make smart data-handling decisions 

Priva Privacy Risk Management includes built-in templates that can be customized to your own policy requirements. When policy matches are found, admins can review alerts and make decisions about how to handle the data and who to notify. Notifications can be configured for delivery via email or Microsoft Teams. And team members can take corrective action right from the notifications. Learn more about how to create data overexposure, data transfer, and data minimization policies. 


Read the full post here: Five new capabilities for Microsoft Priva—now in Public Preview

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