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New Blog | Building securely: Microsoft Build 2024


By Rod Trent


This year’s Microsoft Build event is shaping up to be a must-attend event. The high demand for secure software development continues to grow. And with the complexity of today’s digital world, developers are being asked to do even more to keep apps, AI, and code secure—with more focus on built-in security and more integrated security at every phase of design, development, and deployment. Developers who attend Microsoft Build can learn how to manage and govern AI, securely. Our commitment is to provide developers with the knowledge, tools, and practices needed to build safely. It’s a commitment to ensuring security isn’t an afterthought, but a fundamental component of the entire development lifecycle. And Microsoft Build is a great time and place to connect with other developers globally, grow your skills, and learn more about building secure copilots, generative AI, securing applications, and more. Register now for live keynotes, breakout sessions, demos, and social events. Or if you can’t make it in person, access sessions online and on-demand.  


Building on a trusted platform 

Building on a trusted platform is crucial in today's digital-first world. At Microsoft, our platforms—from Azure, GitHub, Visual Studio, PowerApps, and more—are designed with security at their core. This provides developers with the tools and integrations they need to innovate securely. And by building on a trusted platform, whether it be with Microsoft or multicloud strategy, developers can focus on innovation and great end-user experiences. 


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