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Apr 13 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)
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MSFT guidance: should customer label all content?


Hi all, thanks for the opportunity to ask questions!  Does msft have an opinion or suggest guidance on whether customers should label *all* content, even if it's not sensitive and won't require protection?  Personal, General, etc.?  Or - is it only sensitive content that requires protection that should be labeled?  I've heard guidance that auto-labeling within SPO should be reserved for sensitive content only, however, I've also heard that all content should be labeled.  Should a customer lean more towards sensitive information types and DLP vs a broad labeling strategy?

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@David Billedo Thank you for your question. The best practice is to apply labels to all content and to use different security measures for each label (encryption / DLP) accordingly based o the activity. 

For example, use "General" as your default label for everything moving forward unless auto-labeling kicks in or user apply a different label manually.

Service based auto-labeling is designed to apply labels for your crown jewels in specific locations based on content.