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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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MS Sensitivity labels mail sending MIME format Header

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I selected the Sensitivity labels in OWA and checked the value exposed in Chrome developer mode when sending an email.
When sending mail (C#-EWS sending test), i confirmed that the message was encrypted by additionally coding the header with the information below.


## Header Sample

X-MS-Exchange-Organization-ModifySensitivityLabel: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000;6e4f02ee-0f9f-44eb-9f14-57b7d505f382
msip_labels: MSIP_Label_6e4f02ee-0f9f-44eb-9f14-57b7d505f382_Enabled=True;MSIP_Label_6e4f02ee-0f9f-44eb-9f14-57b7d505f382_SiteId=a23af047-ccd4-43c4-b36d-5303e9f04b12;MSIP_Label_6e4f02ee-0f9f-44eb-9f14-57b7d505f382_SetDate=2024-03-18T00:20:34.940Z;MSIP_Label_6e4f02ee-0f9f-44eb-9f14-57b7d505f382_Name=Confidential;MSIP_Label_6e4f02ee-0f9f-44eb-9f14-57b7d505f382_ContentBits=0;MSIP_Label_6e4f02ee-0f9f-44eb-9f14-57b7d505f382_Method=Privileged;


## Question
- If only msip_labels is applied, the sensitivity label is displayed, but the message is not encrypted.
Adding X-MS-Exchange-Organization-ModifySensitivityLabel will enable message encryption. Can I code it like this?

- The msip_labels guide is provided by [concept-mip-metadata]
Where can I find the specifications for X-MS-Exchange-Organization-ModifySensitivityLabel?

- What are the limitations of development if implemented only by adding a header?


Thanks in advance

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This is exactly what I'm looking for. Did you figure it out finally? I'm now struglling with the same but have no idea at this moment.