Move AIP sublabels to a different parent label

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I'm trying to rebuild my label structure and want to move a existing label to a new parent label to ease user acceptance. It looks like the advanced powershell cmdlets don't allow for that:


WARNING: Encountered exception: Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Transport.LabelParentChangeNotAllowedException: The label
already has a parent 8ebb64e0-8991-4556-8dee-d5ae67a20a74, cannot change to parent

Is there a way to do this? Or can I use the Secure Island migration process to move all users from a specifc label to a new one? (

Some experience or help would be appreciated.
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Currently solved it recreating a separate label structure and the plan would be to only publish the new label structure to the users. So overtime they should only use the new label.


you can make a sub-label > parent label (with no sub-labels)
move sub-label to another parent label remove all sub-labels from a parent label, making the original Parent label a normal label without sub-labels and therefor selectable as a label either manually or via auto-labelling client side rules.


example: make sub-label a top level label
set-label -identity nameoflabel -parentid $null


example: move label above to another parent label
set-label -identity nameoflabel -parentid <immutable of parent label>


To make a existing parent label selectable as a label with no sub-labels you simply need to run the first command on each of the exist sub-labels.


for all of the above you first need to connect to SCC by connect-IPPSSession

you can check the settings before and after by running


(get-label nameoflabel).settings