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MIP SDK Public Preview September Update
Published Sep 04 2018 10:57 PM 2,722 Views

MIP SDK Private Preview Update




Updating to this new build is required! Grab the latest here:


We've made some changes to the policy file that will break downlevel versions of the SDK. The new version is backward compatible. You'll want to update your SDK builds ASAP to prevent any issues!


Service components related to labeling are still being flighted only to non-production tenants. If you have a dev/test tenant that you'd like to enable for the labeling components, please fill out the form here:


Change List


  • Split Binaries/Libraries/Headers by API
  • Microsoft Information Protection Sync Service Preview
  • Third-Party app registration now supported!
  • Various performance, and stability updates

Operating System Support


In this version we're including functional support for the following platforms:

  • Debian 9
  • MacOS
  • RedHat Linux 7
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Windows Server and client (all supported versions)
  • iOS (UPE only)

Split Binaries/Libraries


Previous releases of the MIP SDK were monolithic - all three APIs were bundled into a single package and it was somewhat difficult to split them up. The good news is that we've now split them up for you, by API. This will help to reduce the size of applications which are using only the Policy or Protection APIs. The latest release is a zip that contains several other ZIPs and tarballs for the various supported platforms.




File API on Ubuntu 16.04, for example, is: mip_sdk_file_ubuntu1604.0.4.456.0.tar.gz

Inside each archive, you'll find bins, headers, and samples.

MIP Sync Service


A new service component has been added that will allow third-party clients to authenticate and download policy. This new service is called the Microsoft Information Protection Sync Service.

The service itself requires no configuration or setup; it simply handles making all of the labels, protection settings, content marking, and other MIP-related policy settings available to SDK clients. The only area where this endpoint is exposed is in Azure Active Directory under the App Registration -> Required Permissions section. The SDK changes to utilize this endpoint, excluding app registration, are completely transparent and require only that you use the latest build.


Third-Party App Registration


Previously, a hard-coded client ID was required to test and develop with the SDK. We've completed the work to enable you to register your own Azure AD Applications and to provide those client IDs to the MIP SDK APIs.


To register your application, follow these instructions from the Azure AD docs:


Once the application has been registered, you'll then need to add permissions to the application. Update the application by following the steps detailed here, but using the API names listed in the table below.


Up to two APIs are required for the SDK, depending on which MIP SDK API you're using:

MIP SDK API Azure AD App Registration API

Microsoft Information Protection Sync Service

Microsoft Rights Management Service

Policy Microsoft Information Protection Sync Service

Microsoft Information Protection Sync Service (for pulling labels/template IDs)

Microsoft Rights Mangement Service


  • Native applications don't require any special work. Provide the client ID and resource, get a token for the services.
  • Web app / API applications are required to use certificate-based authentication. We will have samples on that available soon. For now, the best CBA sample can be found over at Azure Code Samples.



The MIP SDK is still in public preview and is subject to preview support terms. The SDK is intended for non-production development and testing use only! We will announce general availability soon and at that time the SDK will be fully supported.

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