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At RSA 2018 in April, we announced public preview of the Microsoft Information Protection SDK (MIP). The MIP SDK brings together classification, labeling, and protection  of Azure Information Protection, Office 365 Security and Compliance Center into a simple cross platform programming paradigm.

The MIP SDK allows applications to apply and read labels and enact actions on the content based on such labels.  Developers and Partners  can now be part of Microsoft’s Information Protection journey by integrating your technology using the MIP SDK. The SDK is a quick and powerful tool for developers  to further amalgamate their security products capabilities within the Microsoft ecosystem.


Since the RSA 2018 announcement the community response has been nothing but amazing. We have a variety of partners who have incorporated their solutions with the MIP SDK to join many existing security partners that showcased their integrations with us at RSA conference.


In this blog post, we will showcase a few more of these integrations, and how our partners are helping their customers protect their most sensitive data!

Please join us at Build to hear more of their story:


Digital Guardian

Digital Guardian is a unique solution that provides data protection from all threats. Leveraging our new DG Analytics cloud service, the DG Data Protection Platform detects threats and stops data exfiltration from both well-meaning and malicious insiders as well as external adversaries. By converging DLP and endpoint detection and response, you have one less endpoint agent to manage and one less console to monitor. Our platform puts your most sensitive information assets at the center of all data protection, activity monitoring and threat prevention, detection and response activities. Working closely with Microsoft, we value add to the protection offered by Microsoft Information Protection in providing a consistent labeling and protection experience across devices, Office365, and Azure. Please take a look at the Digital Guardian website about our partnership work and check out the video of their integration 



Forcepoint has been working closely with Microsoft to extend the protection offered by Microsoft Information Protection in an Office 365 and Azure environment to a customers’ on-premises computing estate. For many years, customers have trusted Forcepoint’s DLP to satisfy compliance regulations and protect their sensitive data. With the pending onset of the GDPR regulation later this month, the focus on protecting data, wherever it resides, has become of the utmost importance. Forcepoint’s open ecosystem of data classification partnerships allows for joint Microsoft customers to really experience the best of both worlds. When data resides in Microsoft’s cloud environment, customers can take advantage of the classification system that Microsoft delivers. When that data traverses to the endpoint or onto a customer’s datacenter, the same protections afforded by MIP classification extend to the endpoint, protecting data in use, data at rest and data in motion, protected by the integration of Microsoft and Forcepoint DLP.  Here is a video of Forcepoint's work so far



Varonis, a pioneer in data security and analytics that specializes in software for data security, governance, compliance, classification, and threat analytics recently released Data Classification Labels: a new integration with Microsoft Azure Information Protection. Varonis Data Classification Labels integrates with Azure Information Protection to enable users to better secure sensitive files across enterprise data stores. Varonis Data Classification Labels is a testament to the work Microsoft and Varonis are doing together 

 By integrating with Azure Information Protection, customers will be able to automatically apply classification labels and encrypt files that Varonis has identified as sensitive. Users can manually tag documents, and Varonis can ingest this information to provide additional context around the data. 

 In addition, Varonis can find sensitive data based on their advanced classification engine and integrate with Microsoft Azure Information Protection to apply labels. The labels can be used by Microsoft for policy enforcement such as file encryption.  



Cognigo partners with Microsoft AIP to help organizations reach GDPR compliance and data security through advanced AI-driven classification, context-aware search engine and policy enforcement. With Cognigo and AIP together, organizations can protect and classify all data assets—both structured and unstructured, on-premise and in the cloud—automatically and at scale. The partnership enables organizations to gain visibility and investigate how users are using data, resulting in human-free data protection and GDPR readiness—right inside AIP



SECUDE is an established global security solutions provider offering innovative data protection for SAP users. It was founded as a joint venture between SAP and Fraunhofer Institute in 1996. Leveraging its 20+ years of experience in SAP security and business process know-how in protecting enterprise IP and data, SECUDE launched HALOCORE®, a data security software that protects  sensitive information extracted from SAP systems. By integrating directly with SAP, HALOCORE protects data with automated classification, blocks unauthorized reports, and helps generate fine-grained access policies. It leverages Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) to be the only truly comprehensive solution that secures SAP data exiting at end points, effectively extending SAP access control shield beyond SAP's boundaries. SECUDE’s solutions are trusted by many Fortune 500 and DAX listed companies. 




Sheildox is an add-on to Office 365 that enables Information Protection In Motion. Shieldox enables sensitive and important documents to remain in motion, secured and understands who should or should not have access to the information, regardless of their location inside or outside the organization, enabling sharing and collaborating without friction. With full tracking, visibility and control of all the data, Shieldox Information Protection Solution is compliant with GDPR and other regulations. 

Shieldox’s mission is to provide easy, secure and frictionless collaboration for members of all organizations. An AI-backed security company combining the worlds of security (information protection), and collaboration (information in motion), Shieldox is uniquely positioned to establish and ensure the success of Information Protection In Motion.  Checkout their website and watch the video see what we have been doing together 




Powered by Interpretive AITM, MinerEye continually tracks data wherever it resides. With MinerEye’s unique approach, companies can now discover, organize and track vast information assets by scanning enterprise data repositories at the byte and pixel level. Sensitive data is mapped, tagged and secured according to data protection and compliance regulations including GDPR, HIPPA, PCI-DSS, SOC2, and EU-US Privacy Shield. Employing machine learning and computer vision, MinerEye’s flagship product DataTracker™ is helping companies reduce data storage, fast-track and monitor cloud migration, protect previously undetected, undermanaged and unclassified data against security breaches, and continuously audit information to maintain regulatory compliance.  Here is a video of the work done with Minereye and Microsoft 



BigID uses advanced machine learning and identity intelligence to help enterprises better protect their customer and employee data at petabyte scale. Using BigID, enterprises can better safeguard and assure the privacy of their most sensitive data, reducing breach risk and enabling compliance with emerging data protection regulations like the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Learn more at http://bigid.com or visit http://bigid.com/demo to schedule a demo. 



These are some amazing and exciting integrations and  we are looking forward to bringing to market with our collaborations. We are excited at the opportunities that lay ahead

We are looking forward to working with you as well, to get started you can find the MIP SDK at  http://aka.ms/mipsdk and please provide your comments on Stackoverflow with the tag microsoft-information-protection


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