Microsoft to Acquire Softricity, and More TS Presence in WinHEC

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First published on CloudBlogs on May, 23 2006

Microsoft just announced intent to acquire Softricity . Bill Gates’ keynote tomorrow morning at WinHEC will probably mention the acquisition and perhaps even have a demo involving Softricity. This is quite interesting for Terminal Services, considering the overlap between the scenarios addressed by server and application virtualization and the use cases of Terminal Services. Softricity rounds up and completes MS’s virtualization story.

BillG’s keynote will also demonstrate a TS scenario that is our primary focus in Longhorn: Remote access to applications via TS WebAccess and Remote Programs . As the owner of our WebAccess and remote programs publishing story, I am quite excited. This will also be the fist time that TS itself is featured in one of Bill’s keynotes: Technologies and scenarios that we very heavily supported, such as MediaCenter, have been in keynotes in the recent past, but never TS on it s own. This is a first for us, and a very proud moment.

You can watch the keynote here: . Do watch, and let me know what you thought.

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