Microsoft Tech Talks - Hardening High Value Assets - Securing Identity Event ended



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Apr 18 2022, 08:00 PM - 09:00 PM (PDT)
Published on Dec 12 2022 12:49 PM (PST) by Trevor Rusher Community Manager

Are you trying to establish a secure environment? Are you wondering how the experts do it? Establishing a secure foundation is a difficult but not impossible task. In this session, we will be looking at how not to boil the ocean when establishing this foundation by looking at the approach used by the Microsoft Compromise Recovery Security Practice when hardening high-value assets.  


Join Samuel Soto, Suprapat Dechanansub, and Chitresh Pandit, experienced security consultants from the Compromise Recovery Security Practice, as they discuss the ins and out of analysis and execution of hardening during a compromise recovery scenario. The importance of proper hardening of high-value assets can't be stressed enough, and this is a session you cannot afford to miss.   


We will also want to hear your feedback and address your questions about protecting high-value assets using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. 


See event here: [ENGLISH] Microsoft Tech Talks - [CRSP] Hardening High Value Assets - Securing Identity (00JST) Registration Page (