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Microsoft Teams DLP Playbook!!!
Published Jan 14 2021 01:38 PM 26.4K Views

*** 1/19/2021 update ***  PDF was updated based on comments and feedback :)


This document provides an overview of how enterprise customers can deploy Microsoft Teams-DLP for protecting sensitive information that is traversing  with-in or outside of the organization. Unified DLP has integration with multiple workloads that help to protect customer data with a single policy. Teams-DLP is one of the workloads within the Unified-DLP console. This guide walks through the different aspects of deploying use cases across content/containers and shows the effectiveness of the unified DLP portal as a single place to define all aspects of your DLP strategy.


In summary, this play book will help to


  • Understand the unified console and interface.
  • Develop a strategy for deploying Teams-DLP across the organization.
  • Provide near real time Alerts with notifications.
  • Review various scenarios to test Teams-DLP over chat and channel communication.


This document helps readers plan and protect sensitive information scenarios that normally exist in every organization. This Playbook helps as a user guide to mitigate the risk of exchanging crucial data while communicating over chat or giving access to sites for guest users.


      If you have any questions on this play book or suggestions, please reach out to our yammer group at


Thank you Pavan and team for writing this!!! :)

Brass Contributor

Hi Mavi, I tried to open the PDF but get a message that authorisation is required for the document

Bronze Contributor

Hi @Mavi Etzyon-Grizer , I'm having the same issue as described by @istvanybema .

Brass Contributor

Just downloaded and did a quick pass, great resource and full of screenshots for step by step guidance. Thanks for sharing!!! 


If you have trouble downloading, I used the download icon instead of the attachment icon to grab the document, hopefully that helps.

@Harold van de Kamp  and @istvanybema  - issue should be fixed. can you please give it a try?

Copper Contributor

@Mavi Etzyon-Grizer , please share an docx version, i want to translate book to russian for my team, and reply please



 Will email you the doc version --Pavan

Brass Contributor

@Mavi Etzyon-Grizer ; yes it worked. I can download it now. Great document


Thank you, Mavi

Copper Contributor

@PavanKB  Fantastic document Pavan and Team!


Links under Section 1.3 "Assumptions" all point to Pavan's one drive folder. Please update the links.


Thank you @RajShirpuram . Please refer the Appendix section for the correct links on the white paper and the deployment guide.

Next release, will update the Assumptions sections.

Iron Contributor

Same here, could not access it - requested to join.

Silver Contributor

Section 5. 3 of The documents states "During creation, channel settings can be defined, such as: Private (or public), external user access and access from unmanaged devices" this is not correct. These items are not Channel settings, they apply to an entire team, not to individual channels. Please correct this. 


Thank you @Dean_Gross . Good catch. Its a typo error. Replaced 'Channel settings' with 'Team Settings'. Thank you

Will upload the new version by PST morning

Brass Contributor

Is there an online version of this I can link to from a blog post?


Hi @DomKent , We have this document linked in Tech community, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.. You can link the url Microsoft Teams DLP Playbook!!! - Microsoft Tech Community

If you are looking for something else, please drop me an email


Thanks, Pavan

Also @DomKent, you can refer to this specific blog post - as we will keep updating the PDF and direct link will not work when we change it. 

Copper Contributor

Hi @Mavi Etzyon-Grizer , 


Does MS Teams DLP inspect the traffic of my company users when they are invited as guests into other tenants? 


Hi @Reuvain , Teams DLP is primarily to prevent data loss in 1-1 chat messages or channel messages. Tracking of traffic is in the engineering team backlog and will update as soon as it is available

Copper Contributor

Hi @PavanKB , I was asking if my company user is invited as a guest into another company's Teams tenant , will the messages/files that are sent in chat /channel in the external teams environment be inspected by our DLP? 


Yes. If your company user has been added as a guest user and a member of AAD of that tenant, he will be treated as a normal user. DLP of that tenant will be inspected. If he has been added as a federated user, he will not have rights to upload a file

Copper Contributor

@PavanKB ok so it seems that the dlp policies of the external tenant will be relevant. The DLP policies of our company will not be enforced - correct? 


Thats correct @Reuvain 


This is an awesome content cc @Feliciano Intini 


@fmanca - Thank you

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