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In our company we use MDM for Windows 10 devices. A user told me that he cannot login in the PowerApps Windows Store app. I want to make it work, so I look into Intune -> Client app - App protection policies ->Intune App Protection - Protected apps and I see PowerApps is already listed. But it's don't work, so I want to delete this one and add PowerApps again. Maybe it's something incorrect in the product name or publisher. I search for terms like, get microsoft store app information etc. Only found this;
But is doesn't tell me where to find the information of the app. Hope you guys can help me out! (:


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@ricardovand3rlinden Hi Ricardo,

could you please check if the PowerApps license is enabled for the user? (See the attached screenshot).



@Michael Obernberger Thank for your reply! Yes, the user has PowerApps for Office 365 enabled in there licenses. 

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@ricardovand3rlinden Hi Ricardo,

ok I have checked the values of the App and they are different than that you have configured, so please change it to the following and try again because this is a legacy XAP application.

Name: windowsPhoneLegacyId

Publisher: CN=409d1849-d4db-4f53-944a-9b84a9e89890

I have gotten the information from the following Store URL for the app:

And find more information the XAP url here:




@Michael Obernberger This is just what I need. Thank you so much Michael (: