Microsoft Information Protection showcases integrated partner solutions at Microsoft Ignite
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Today we’re sharing updates on partners that have integrations with the Microsoft Information Protection solution in development. The Microsoft Information Protection Software Development Kit (SDK), now generally available, enables scenarios that help provide a consistent information protection experience - both within Microsoft applications and services and across our partner ecosystem.

As part of the general availability of the Microsoft Information Protection SDK, we’d like to highlight some of the integrations that are being showcased at the Microsoft Ignite conference.


Digital Guardian’s endpoint data leak prevention solutions

Using the Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) SDK, Microsoft and Digital Guardian customers can extend their data protection policy to automatically label and protect files. By combining Microsoft Information Protection solutions with Digital Guardian's rich visibility into file classification and controls, companies are better able to safeguard sensitive files from egress, whether it be through outbound email messages, cloud uploads and downloads, or files being copied to external storage. The integration will also assist organizations when it comes to securely collaborating with external parties. For more details on this integration  visit or visit their booth at the Microsoft Ignite conference


Ionic Security extends conditional access

In a siloed, fluid and ever-changing environment, organizations struggle to maintain control and ownership over their sensitive data, without affecting business processes. One of the biggest issues organizations face today is mitigating risk with a high assurance of trust.  An ideal solution provides full control and visibility over data – along with a seamless end user experience.  A single, extensible and granular control plane for data created, consumed and shared across on-premises and cloud environments is of critical importance to customers. Ionic Data Trust Services for Azure Information Protection is an integration that extends conditional access and unified security services natively across the most-used productivity applications. Organizations can maintain full control over their authorization process, but still take advantage of advanced conditional access capabilities and consistent policy orchestration to reduce the risk of data exposure. By extending Azure Information Protection and conditional access to external attributes, Ionic minimizes the need for human intervention and process delays. The extended attributes can be used to control and enhance access policy decisions in real time, without end-user interventions, process delays, interruptions to business flows or data exposure. For more details visit



Forcepoint Endpoint DLP solution for the enterprise

Forcepoint has been working closely with Microsoft over the last year to integrate Forcepoint DLP  with Microsoft Information Protection solutions, especially Azure Information Protection. At the Microsoft Ignite conference, we are showcasing these new capabilities.

For many years, customers have trusted Forcepoint’s DLP to satisfy compliance regulations and protect their intellectual property. With the enforcement of the GDPR regulation, the focus on classifying and protecting data, wherever it resides, has become of utmost importance. Forcepoint and Microsoft are partnering to extend protection offered by Microsoft Information Protection solutions to customers’ on-premises digital estate.

Forcepoint’s ecosystem of data classification partnerships allows for joint customers to experience the best that both solutions have to offer. When data resides in Microsoft’s cloud services, customers can take advantage of the classification system that Microsoft provides. Forcepoint ensures that Microsoft Information Protection classification, labeling and data protection can be automatically applied to sensitive data on managed endpoints, within the customer’s datacenter infrastructure or within sanctioned cloud applications.

Forcepoint products also work to provide the appropriate visibility, access and data protection in public or hybrid cloud environments. Customers looking to protect data in Office 365 and other SaaS apps can do so thanks to this interoperability. Organizations can proactively apply policies governing the use of cloud-hosted files to help ensure compliance and deliver uniform visibility and control over cloud-hosted information assets, based on classification applied by Microsoft Information Protection solutions.

 Visit us at Microsoft Ignite to get a demo or learn more at



Informatica: Consistent data classification across structured and unstructured data

Microsoft and Informatica are  offering a unified approach to data protection, privacy and regulatory risk mitigation across devices, the modern workplace, Azure Data Services and on-premises and other data repositories.  By synchronizing policy and sensitive data definitions between Microsoft Information Protection solutions and Informatica’s Secure@Source intelligent data privacy and protection platform, the office of the CISO can have a “single pane-of-glass” view into the proliferation of sensitive data throughout the enterprise and aggregate risk profiles for key regulations such as GDPR compliance. 

In addition, Microsoft Information Protection solutions and Secure@Source provide data protection components that can encrypt and mask sensitive data inside and outside of the enterprise - not only detecting sensitive data but also protecting it.  “Today, sensitive data can be found in the cloud, on-premises, on the desktop, within SaaS applications and 3rd-party data services - a bigger range of data repositories than ever before.“ said Jitesh Ghai, SVP and GM Data Quality, Security and Data Governance at Informatica. “When you compound this data proliferation with today’s regulatory compliance requirements, being able to offer a unified, comprehensive solution with Microsoft to reduce risk and protect data for today’s enterprises is truly ground breaking.”  To see the solution in action, join our theatre session at the Microsoft Ignite conference (THR3002-Extending labeling and protection with ISV partners with the Microsoft Information Protection SDK) or visit us at



Synergy Advisors helps manage your enterprise data

Synergy Advisors is an Azure Information Protection deployment partner for enterprise environments and has developed solutions to address the needs of companies that are deploying Microsoft Information Protection solutions. They currently have two solutions that augment the capabilities of Microsoft information protection capabilities.

E-Visor is a solution that focuses on the end-to-end data lifecycle for Azure Information Protection and spans across all Microsoft 365 workloads to exhibit how data is being utilized - even on devices and in applications. It provides advanced reports, notifications, alert, and defense actions focused on the activities of all the users in your organization, including administrators. This means it can track how users are classifying, protecting and using sensitive data - even from on-premises data sources using the Azure Information Protection scanner. Events such as a revocation and expiration actions can also be displayed and controlled.

E-Cryptor is an enterprise ready data security solution that helps accelerate the adoption of Azure Information Protection by handling data decryption, encryption and reclassification. This is streamlined using flexible self-service policies to reduce the amount of work administrators need to do when helping users share encrypted content. Additionally, it supports secure external collaboration to make it easier to share sensitive content with partners, vendors and other external users. For more details on these solutions, visit




Palo Alto networks incorporates labels and reporting from the firewall

Palo Alto Networks next generation firewall users can leverage Content-ID to detect documents containing Azure Information Protection labels, allowing you to enforce policies that can prevent sensitive information from being sent outside of your organization. This complements Azure Information Protection by providing enforcement at the network level, especially for SaaS applications that are not managed by a security solution that is integrated with Azure Information Protection. Administrators also have better insight into the flow of protected documents to external audiences. For more details please visit



Visit these partner booths at Microsoft Ignite or visit their websites to learn more about the integrations. We’re excited about the opportunities that the Microsoft Information Protection SDK brings, and how it enables our partners to serve our mutual customers. 

You can download the new Microsoft Information Protection SDK here.

For more details on the SDK @ ignite please attend the following sessions




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