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How does one share an encrypted auto-labeled doc/file with someone outside the organization, with let's say an "Email address removed" email address.

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Well, that's kind of a scenario where it's being used. To prevent accidental external sharing for example. It comes down to if it's client-side auto labeling (user interaction possible) or service-side auto labeling (user interaction is not possible), and how the settings are configured. If you're not an admin you should to reach out to that person to verify the settings configured.
This is for the service-side auto labeling, where the permissions are pre-configured to allow authenticated Users a certain level of access, during the configuration of the Policy. The problem arises when there's the need for user to share a document with someone outside the organization.
You can use this as guidance of what to use when. Note that there's no "user overrides" using the auto-labeling policy.