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I just turned on my Information Protection (Microsoft Compliance) implementation. I chose the default implementation unknowingly, hence the default labels and policies, including auto policies were created. I disabled all the policies that we didn't require and created new relevant ones. These new policies were published to just me for testing. For some weird reason, users have the new labels published to them in office 365 apps through the native client. I have now deleted all policies minus the labels, yet users still have the labels available to them and are being asked to apply the labels mandatorily, although there are no policies to publish the labels. Has anyone faced an issue like this? Also how does this native labeling client work, since I am suspecting it as the main issue.

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Hello, perhaps it's better if you open up a support ticket with Microsoft for your problem. But I suppose you enabled this and might give you an idea.

For the removal and re-creation of labels and then re-publishing it takes too long than one would like. It's stressful waiting for them to populate for days, hence the importance to get it right from the beginning or testing it out in a test environment.

Any way, hope it gets sorted!
I did contact Support and they are working on it. But, yeah, it is really stressful working with Information Protection. The document you shared above is exactly what my experience was. What really bothered me though, was there seem to be no effective way of managing the Client-side/built-in sensitivity app. Currently, I have labels created but no auto-labeling or any other policies created for publishing yet labels are surprisingly being published to Office 365 apps, four days after deleting all labeling policies. How...I don't even know. Response to changes is gravely very slow. There is more work to be done on this by Microsoft
You can control the "sensitivity button" in Office on the web with the Set-SPOTenant -EnableAIPIntegration $true or $false, if that's what you mean.