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The market of Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) is fast moving and becoming increasingly important, as more and more companies are embracing the cloud as an essential part of their IT strategy.

Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS) is a CASB solution that delivers on cloud app Discovery, Compliance, Information Protection and Threat Protection for native Microsoft cloud services, as well as third party applications.

In this blog post and our new Microsoft Mechanics video, we will walk you through some of our latest product updates:

  • Discovery of custom Line of Business (LoB) apps
  • Assessing the GDPR Compliance of all apps in your organization
  • Detecting Ransomware and activities by users that should no longer have access to your corporate resources
  • Monitoring and controlling user sessions in real-time with Conditional Access App Control
  • Central DLP management with the Microsoft Data Classification Engine


 Since the beginning of the year, we have released more than 50 new capabilities into the product, delivering on our promise of native integrations and expanding our focus on Threat Detection and real-time controls.

Take a look at the latest features with Asaf Kashi – Group Program Manager Cloud App Security and get the insight scoop on some of our upcoming capabilities and main investment areas in our new Microsoft Mechanics video.



Our data shows that the average user in an organization uses 30 different cloud services on a monthly basis, generating nearly 1.5 GB in data traffic. As data leaves and enters your organization, it is more important than ever to understand the sources, ensure that sensitive data is protected, and that compromised data is detected quickly, to limit the impact on your environment.

Our Discovery data shows that more than 30% of the apps used in organizations can be classified as “risky apps”. Now taking into consideration more than 70 factors, Microsoft Cloud App Security evaluates every app against regulatory certifications, compliance- and industry specific standards, to provide customers with valuable insights and help them make informed decisions on how to manage the cloud apps in their organization. Our Discovery advancements include the addition of 15 new risk factors that evaluate every app for its compliance with GDPR and a new C-level report that provides high-level summaries of the key findings, as well as recommendations on how to improve your organization’s security posture.

To protect sensitive Information, MCAS is now natively integrated with Microsoft Information Protection. We use a central classification and labelling engine across Office 365, Azure Information Protection and MCAS to provide customers with a consistent experience across our services.

Lastly, with cyberthreats on the rise, we continue to invest in our threat detection capabilities and leverage end-user behavior analytics (UEBA) to minimize the impact on your organization. Some of our latest advancements include the detection of ransomware, as well as activities by users who should no longer have access to your organization’s resources. With the ability to tap into the knowledge and insights Microsoft collects within the Intelligent Security Graph, we are uniquely positioned to continuously advance our threat detection capabilities and deliver a comprehensive solution to help you protect your organization’s data.


The unique power of our CASB, Microsoft Cloud App Security, comes from its native integrations with industry-leading Security and Identity solutions such as Azure Active Directory, Intune and Azure Information Protection, as well as the collection of data that informs our service.

As we look into the future, we will continue to invest in native integrations to deliver solutions to our customers that are unique in the CASB market. Stay tuned for exiting updates coming at Microsoft Ignite, which will be hosted in Orlando, FL from September 24-28. If you can’t join in person, live stream sessions or watch them on demand via the Microsoft Tech Community.


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