Managing mobility for Office365 Tweet chat
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First published on CloudBlogs on Apr 24, 2017
Got questions about managing Office mobile apps? Want to learn more about Intune? Curious about Azure Information Protection? We have answers. The Enterprise Mobility + Security engineering team will be hosting a Tweet Chat via @MSFTMobility on Wednesday, May 17th from 11:00 -12:00 PDT. Just make sure you use the #EnterpriseMobilityTweetChat hashtag in your questions to ensure they show up in the conversation. During this Tweet Chat, our engineering team will be huddled in a conference room in our Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington, and we will be ready to tackle your questions such as:
  • What options does Microsoft offer for managing Office mobile apps?
  • How do Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) differ?
  • How to protect and manage apps on non-enrolled devices with Intune?
  • How to configure Application Protection policies for Office Mobile Apps with Intune?
  • How to define policies for Multi-Identity capabilities with Intune?
  • How to set up risk based policies for Conditional Access to Office apps?
  • How to set up policies for automatic classification with Azure Information Protection?
  • How to utilize Document Tracking Capabilities within Azure Information Protection?
  • What Enterprise Mobility Suite capabilities can be enabled from within the Office365 admin console – Azure Multi-Factor Authentication, Conditional Access, App Protection policy for OneDrive?
If you would like to add to our list of questions, you can leave a comment on this blog post, and we’ll be happy to answer it during our Tweet Chat. If you are not on Twitter, please create an account so you can join us! Don’t miss this Tweet Chat save it to your calendar .

Before you stop reading, here are a few quick housekeeping items:

  • Be nice: If you disagree, be polite.
  • Stay on topic.
  • Please do not spam or self-promote during the chat.
  • Responding to other participators: If you want to respond to a certain user, make sure to include their Twitter handle so it’s clear who you’re speaking to.
  • Label your posts: If you’re asking a question please number it.  For example, put “Q1:” before your question if it’s the first one that’s been asked. If you’re answering a question, put “A1:”.
  • No Troubleshooting: While we would love to help troubleshoot your Conditional Access issues, 140 characters and a Tweet Chat do not allow for thorough technical assistance. We have great folks that help monitor our Twitter account, though, so feel free to DM us privately for help.
  • Ask us anything about Managing Office Mobile Apps, but we will not comment on unreleased features or future plans.
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