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Malicious intent: Safeguarding data in a mobile world

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Welcome home from Ignite! You made it through the networking, learning, and fun – or joined the flurry as a virtual attendee. Now you’re heading back to the office to share the latest news and knowledge with your team and colleagues. Let’s get to the topline takeaways fresh off Ignite and introduce our monthly theme, Cybersecurity.


First, the word at Ignite

Here is a quick roundup of top news that made the headlines in Orlando:


In case you missed it, our Ignite Community Reporters were very active on Twitter. Check out the Day 3 video from @WonderLaura, reaction from @AlistairPugin and @ChristianBuckley to the Microsoft 365 Teamwork inner/outer loops explanation of collaboration tools, and more. You’ll also want to see this great video of the Community Reporters doing an Ignite Day 2 recap.

Second, the theme of the month

You may already know this IT fact: October is Cybersecurity month, as deemed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to raise awareness annually of cybercrime. Danger increasingly lurks in the digital world, with secretive attacks ready to launch against large enterprise organizations and government entities through to small-midsize businesses (SMBs) and individuals. As if to prove the point for the need of Cybersecurity month, check out these stats about attacks from May to September 2017:



With these rapid-succession cyberattacks lengthening the string of high-profile—and wearying—crimes, it makes sense that Google Trends shows rising worldwide interest in the search term “cybersecurity” – up more than 25% YoY from Sept 2016. Phishing attacks also have increased to 1.2 million attacks in 2016, up 65% from 2015 and the most since reporting began in 2004, as shown in quarterly APWG Phishing Attack Trends Reports.


There are other aspects of intrusion into devices and networks too. For example, hackers can get into mobile phones through public Wi-Fi networks, watch and listen through web-connected PCs and TVs, and exploit other Internet of Things-connected products like home security systems and vehicles.


Considering this backdrop, we’ll focus on Ignite takeaways using the cybersecurity lens. As you connect security policy to your business goals and strategy, it’s important to apply newly gleaned insights about protecting your company’s data and mobile apps from malicious intent.


Security is a foundational component of what it takes to engage and continuously delight your customers. A multi-pronged security solution that builds rapport and results across business and IT certainly includes seamless delivery of ongoing updates and patches to ensure no holes are exposed in the security framework. Your cybersecurity plan will also include regular communications programs to inform employees about how to avoid phishing attacks – as well as focused effort on strengthening your networks to regularly detect and deflect cyber invasion.


This month, we’ll cover the things you’ll want to be thinking about and doing to apply your new knowledge. As you build security strategy for today’s digital innovations and their pervasive dangers, two critical parts of your plan are risk mitigation and disaster recovery (DR). From business continuity with a multi-cloud environment to crypto currency and blockchain for ecommerce, how are you planning to safe-lock your data in a mobile world?


What challenges do you face to safeguard devices and data without disrupting business operations? Let us know what you plan to do using your new knowledge from Ignite.

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