Lunch Break, ep. 9: Professor Ed Lazowska

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First published on CloudBlogs on Oct 22, 2015
In this week’s episode of the “Lunch Break” series I talk with Prof. Ed Lazowska from the University of Washington’s incredible Computer Science & Engineering department.  Prof. Lazowska is one of the true pioneers of the computer science field, and it was a lot of fun getting to spend lunch with him. In part 1 of our drive, we discuss:
  • The long history between the University of Washington and Microsoft.
  • Seattle’s most important exports:  Software, grunge, coffee, retail.
  • A computer science degree is now a safe choice for students; 40 years ago it was a refuge for engineers who couldn’t do anything else.
  • Choosing a career is an intersection of “what you’re really excited about” and “what the world needs.”
  • Is the business world ahead of academia when it comes to mining and using data?
  • How the people building software not only have to build better tools, but they need to build them in such a way that people without computer science degrees can use them.
  • We’ve entered a new golden age of kids being able to build things.  The development environments have caught up to the speed of imagination.
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