Lunch Break, ep. 6: Kip Kniskern, WinBeta (part 2)
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First published on CloudBlogs on Oct 01, 2015
This week’s episode of the “Lunch Break” series is part 2 of my discussion with Kip Kniskern , an editor at the tech news site, . In part deux we cover:
  • Protecting corporate data from hackers and protecting personal data from corporations.
  • The certification necessary to earn the title “Microsoft Enthusiast.”
  • Technological problems that should have been solved by now.
  • In our current, hyper-connected world, are those connections secure enough?  Are we naïve when it comes to security?
Next week , I spend my lunchtime with Rajesh Jha , the Corp. VP responsible for Office 365 and Exchange!  I’ve worked closely with Rajesh for years, and I think you’ll be blown away by some of his insights on the tech industry and how mobility is changing the way organizations work. You can subscribe to these videos here .
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