log file from sonicwall to cloudapp security

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Just try to follow this articel:
To get my sonicwall to report syslog to cloud app security.

but we keeps getting this error in Governance Log:

"Log format does not match the expected format for SONICWALL_SYSLOG."


Any pointers of what can fix this?

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Old post I know, but I thought I'd post the answer for anyone else searching.

The SonicWall appliance must have the date log format set to UTC in the Device/System/Time settings


Display UTC in logs (instead of local time) set to true



@MoodyBES when exporting from Sonicwall, what format did you select? I only see CSV, TXT, Email. When importing into Microsoft Cloud Apps, did you select the default Sonicwall (from the drop down menu)?


I had the UTC in logs setting turned on, but it never even occurred to me to check the device time settings