Local TIme in Logs (especially in Message Trace and Compliance)

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It would be great if MS would allow the logs, ie: Message trace and Compliance Search to show in local time instead of UTC time.  Management (example, Compliance managers and executves) should not have to convert this information in their head prior to submitting such request.  I know in EAC locally, admins like myself were the ones running these reports and we had to make for such adjustments but as we move to providing solutions for executives, those solutions should account for basic user experiences and expectations.  I noticed a Uservoice request stating such things but it only has a few votes.  Need to get this on MS radar. 




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"Local time" is variable though, so you might get conflicting results when switching timezones, when you have multiple subsidiaries across the globe, or even switching between wired and wireless connectivity. As long as the time zone is properly and clearly stamped, I'm fine with anything, even UTC.