Licensed User but not part of organisation ?

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Not sure if this is the correct group, but am hoping! I have a Customer who would like to license in O365 & Power BI 3 of 'their' customers. Is there a way of excluding these 3 customer users from the 'all organisation' feature. Meaning if in Power BI if an App Space is made Public then everyone in the organisation can access it, my Customer wishes his 3 Customers are not able too. Is there a trick via Powershell? Hoping someone can help.
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It's not really designed to work that way, because if they are licensed users then realistically they are treated as the same as other users inside the organisation.
You can set permissions on different services, but it would require every user to keep this front of mind every time to avoid using anything that is "everyone" or "all authenticated users".
Can we go back to look at why they are licensing 3 of their customers?
I agree with your comments and did say to the Customer that this was a big concern of mind. Why you ask? For Phase I they want three of their biggest customers to have access to a Power BI report with data from their on-prem DB. I have gone through various options. The best option is using PB Embedded in Azure and provide a Web App with the relevant embedded report (they like the clean view of the report using the SP web part). The customer does want to go for the Azure Embedded option down the road, but for starters they would like to trial it in SP.