Leveraging eDiscovery to search for external emails (inbound/outbound)

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Hi all,


My organisation are on O365 E5 licences and want to start leveraging the power of eDiscovery (core/advanced).


We have been asked to test out a few scenarios, one of which includes the following parameters:

  • 130 mailboxes
  • Any external email correspondence - inbound and outbound
  • A defined period of dates
  • A keyword search

The part I am having issues with figuring out is whether there is a parameter for external email correspondence, or is this something that will need to be analysed manually. Any help / suggestions would be welcome.



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Sadly, there is no keyword you can use to restrict the search to just messages with external participants. You will have to either use a domain/address in your query, or get the full list of messages then filter them out in Advanced eDiscovery or some other tool.