Latest version of Azure Information Protection Classic Client

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Saw version 1.56.15 for classic client at the Microsoft download page at this link , but when I tried to download, it only offered to select the Unified Clients, which they were named with UL in the filenames. Does anyone know if this new version of the classic client exists? If yes, how do we download them? Currently we are using 1.54.59. Thanks.

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The link you have provided looks to be broken. I can get to it sometimes, but then a few seconds later it says it is broken.  Perhaps Microsoft are changing things around.  I'd wait a bit and try it again later.  When it works though, that is the correct link  for the Classic client, 

@PeterRisingThank you for replying. Actually the link works for me all the time. Just that the files for the new classic clients wasn't there for download.


If you clicked Download, you will be prompted to download only the new unified labeling clients (which I believed is 2.7.99) only, there is no way to download the new classic client (version 1.56.15). Wondered if anyone has any insight on this.

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Update: It appears that Microsoft is deprecating the classic client, so they are limiting people from downloading the new versions of the classic clients. To download the latest version of the classic client, you will need to log a support ticket to Microsoft to request for the download access.