Known Issue and Workaround: Distribution Point Drive information is missing after being upgraded from Shared Distribution Point
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With System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, you can migrate data from a supported Configuration Manager source hierarchy to your destination hierarchy. During the migration period, you can enable distribution points from the source hierarchy as a shared distribution point so it can be shared in both the source hierarchy and the destination hierarchy. For more information about migration and shared distribution points, refer to . When you migrate from a Configuration Manager 2007 source hierarchy, you can upgrade a shared distribution point to make it a System Center 2012 Configuration Manager distribution point.

There is a known issue in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 where the distribution point drive information is missing after the distribution point is upgraded from a shared distribution point. For example, in the Configuration Manager console when you go to Administration -> Distribution Points and click the upgraded distribution point in the “Distribution Points” panel on the right, and then click the Drives tab; you cannot view the distribution points drive information in the detailed panel underneath.

This issue is fixed with System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 Cumulate Update 2 (CU2). All the distribution points that are upgraded after you install CU2 will display the correct drive information in the Configuration Manager console. However, any distribution points that were upgraded before the CU2 install continue to not display their drive information.

The root cause for this issue is that one property of the shared distribution point does not upgrade successfully.

To resolve this issue for distribution points that do not display this information (that were upgraded prior to installing CU2), you need to manually update the property in the destination hierarchy. Following is a sample script to correct the property. The parameter “SiteServer” in the script should be the site server that manages the distribution point that does not display drive information. Note: please fully test this script in your lab environment before you run it in your production environment.

set connection = Connect(SiteServer,ProvAccount,ProvPassword)

set DPs = connection.ExecQuery ("select * from SMS_SCI_SysResUse where ItemName like '%SMS Distribution Point%'")

For Each DP in DPs

ExpectedString = DP.NALPath

For Each Property in DP.PropLists

IF Property.PropertyListName =  "Objects Polled By Site Status" Then

For Each Value in Property.Values

IF Value <> ExpectedString Then

WScript.Echo "Expected: " + ExpectedString

WScript.Echo "Actual:   " + Value

Dim strings(0)

strings(0) = ExpectedString

Property.Values = strings


End If


End If



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