Keeping Data Secure and Employees Productive with Identity Management
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First published on CloudBlogs on Dec 16, 2014
When you sign up for a new account, whether it be a social media app or a corporate website, how often do you use a completely new password? Creating and remembering new passwords is a hassle. It’s no wonder people employ all kinds of crazy tactics to keep track of the chaos. Thankfully, with the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), we are eliminating those issues. Your users will never need that pasw0rds file again. Single Sign On and Application Portal With Azure Active Directory Premium, one of the three products in the Enterprise Mobility Suite, your employees will have access to a self-service application portal. The portal uses secure single sign-on functionality to give your employees easy access to all the applications they need with their work credentials. That means they have one password to remember while we handle all the backend authentications. The Azure portal supports over 2,400 SaaS applications. With the new release of application proxy and custom application addition capabilities, you can even publish on premise web applications directly into the portal or add any web application/site you want. This gives your users a single glass access to everything. So what happens when your employee still can’t remember his password? We have self-service password reset backed up by multifactor authentication. This cuts down on the time your employee is locked out of their accounts, and reduces those tedious helpdesk calls. In addition to identity and access management, EMS also offers device, app, and data protection capabilities. To see why these functionalities are important to your business, check out the two previous posts in this series; Managed Office Mobile Apps and Information Protection . Learn more about the Enterprise Mobility Suite here . Sign up for a free trial of Enterprise Mobility Suite here .
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