Keep Data Secure and Employees Productive with Managed Office Mobile Apps

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First published on CloudBlogs on Nov, 18 2014
We’ve all had those nights. A last minute deadline throws a wrench in your plans. What do you do when you’re at home without access to your work? Here at Microsoft, we know that employees want to be able to work from their own devices.  There needs to be a simple and secure way to give them access to their corporate resources. That Spradsheetz app is just not going to cut it. Secure Productivity on Virtually any Platform With Microsoft Intune , part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), you can give your employees the full functionality of the world’s most popular productivity apps with added security built-in. They can get their work done and you can breathe easy knowing that your company data is protected. So what happens if one of your employees do lose their iPad at the pub again? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. With features coming soon to Microsoft Intune, you will have selective device wipe capabilities. This means you can remove corporate data from the missing device while leaving personal data intact. But that’s not the only way EMS protects your data. With Office mobile apps managed by Microsoft Intune (also coming soon), you can keep your company data safe on lots of different devices. Intune helps prevent the leakage of company data by preventing users from mixing corporate data and personal data, specifically restricting copy, cut, paste, and save as to unmanaged apps and also limiting print and screen capture functionality. With EMS, administrators have a wide array of management options at the tips of their fingers. Brad Anderson, our Corporate Vice President of Cloud and Enterprise, recently wrote about how important these capabilities are now and moving forward . Learn more about the Enterprise Mobility Suite here . Sign up for a free trial of Enterprise Mobility Suite here . Read about the newest Microsoft Intune features here .
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